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Why should I choose a City Hoops basketball hoop?

We consider our basketball hoops an investment for our customers and understand our customers want a professional basketball hoop built to last. From hot to cold weather climates, our team has designed and tested every specification from the steel to the adjustable height mechanism. That’s why without hesitation we include a lifetime limited warranty covering all basketball play and our galvanized rust defense process at no extra charge.

City Hoops has a proven track record with homeowners, businesses & municipal community centers looking for professional, easy to install basketball hoops.

Which basketball hoop is best for me?

All City Hoops adjustable basketball hoops can be raised from 5’ to full professional regulation height of 10’. This allows players & families to enjoy a lifetime of use out of their basketball hoop.

In making your selection, what it really comes down to is determining the approximate size of your playing area, your budget, and if you want an NBA professional regulation backboard size.

If you are firm on ensuring you get an NBA regulation backboard, you’ll want to choose from our City Hoops Platinum, Diamond, or Traveler (Portable) models. If regulation backboard size is not a priority, you can consider our Silver or Gold models which are slightly smaller in backboard sizes but will not compromise on quality.

What’s included when I order a City Hoops Basketball Hoop?

Every City Hoops model is delivered with all the complete hoop components including pole + backboard padding, foundation anchor kit, all required hardware, diagrams / instruction manuals for do-it-yourself installation or for your preferred contractor.

Do I need anything else that is not provided?

For our in-ground basketball models, you’ll need concrete mix, which comes in ready to mix bags from your local building store, a shovel and wheelbarrow to mix it in (if you don’t have that already) for do-it-yourself installation. If you’re hiring a preferred contractor like your landscaper, they’ll have all of this and more!

For the Traveler (portable) model, you’ll need 30x solid concrete blocks (illustrated in the instruction manual) that are available at your local building store. The spec for the recommended concrete block is: 16”x8”x4” / 33lbs and is approximately $1.50 per piece.

How low can your hoop be adjusted?

All in-ground and traveler (portable) City Hoops basketball hoops can go as low as 5’ and be adjusted to the NBA regulation height of 10’. Fixed basketball hoops are not adjustable and are designed for the NBA regulation height of 10’.

How do you adjust the height of the hoop?

There is a convenient hydraulic lift crank on the back of the hoop. No ladders, measuring tapes, or additional tools necessary for adjustment. It is installed at standing height for players of all sizes. To achieve the desired height, there is a height guide attached near the lift crank to show the current playing height. The hydraulic lift crank is sealed, lubricated, and withstands all the elements. The crank handle can be easily removed by releasing a pin to prevent adjustment.

Can I purchase a City Hoops Basketball Hoop in a store?

To ensure our customers receive the product on how it’s intended, we only ship direct-to-consumer. This ensures City Hoops can inspect every delivery that goes out. This allows for the best quality for the customer without added markup from retailers. As we are a leader in basketball hoops, rest assured the product you are receiving is of the highest quality standards.

I saw basketball hoops for a few hundred bucks, what's the difference?

We don’t consider those hoops comparable or competition. Those hoops are typically water filled and made of aluminum or plastic materials. They typically rust after one or two seasons, shift position with every impact of the ball, and overall are often unsafe for a player.

City Hoops basketball hoops are designed and BUILT TO OUTLAST. We use high quality steel with our galvanized rust defense so we can offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering all basketball play. If you move or relocate, your in-ground net can actually come with you. You’ll just have to purchase an anchor kit and set a new in-ground foundation.

How do your hoops hold up in the rain and snow?

When designing and constructing our hoops, how it holds up against the elements is at the top of our priority list. As we value our customers' investment, steel materials are treated with our galvanized rust defense throughout. The hardware bolts are of stainless steel which is rust resistant. This makes your basketball hoop exponentially more resistant to rust than other basketball hoops on the market. In addition to the galvanized process, the major components are powder coated to prevent corrosion and resist the elements such as rain.

For added winter protection, some clients will lower the hoop & then place a tarp or covering overtop. This isn’t required, but has shown to extend the life of the hoop.

Is it easy to install an in-ground basketball hoop?

Yes! All City Hoops Basketball Hoops are designed to essentially be built out of the box. All the detailed instruction manuals with full diagrams are provided. Grab an adjustable wrench and a couple friends and that’s all you’ll need to assemble the basketball hoop.

To view an easy installation video, click here.

How much does installation cost from a local contractor?

We understand that many customers would prefer to hire a professional for installation. Prices can range anywhere from $300-$900+ depending if you hire a local handyman, landscaper, or a contractor from a larger company who may have day rates.

These contractors typically come by for a visit to determine where the hoop will be installed & how far they need to travel with material before quoting. Exact installation price can only be quoted from the installer as their schedule & pricing may vary.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, have your local contractor provide a separate quote for the digging and setting of the foundation anchor kit. The assembly of the basketball hoop can easily be done with a couple friends or family members.

How far should I set my anchor kit from the playing area (overhang)?

Overhang is the distance from the main pole (the front of your foundation anchor kit) to the front of the backboard. Our in-ground hoops vary from 3’ to 5’ of overhang. Depending how much area is available for playing, you’ll want to take this in account for setting your anchor kit.

The overhang for each of our in-ground systems is: Silver - 3’ | Gold - 4’ | Platinum - 4’ | Diamond - 5’ | Fixed - 4’

How much room should I leave behind the basketball hoop?

When planning out where you would like your City Hoops Basketball hoop to live, we recommend ensuring there is at least 2’ of clear space. This allows you to easily access and remove the adjustable height crank handle.

What is the difference between In Stock & Pre-Order?

Instock items are currently in our warehouse ready to ship. Pre-order items are available to purchase just like in-stock items. They are products in our inventory already in transit to our warehouse. If you order a pre-order item, you reserve the available incoming inventory ready to be sent out once it arrives. City Hoops does not sell items that are not already manufactured unlike competitors otherwise known as drop-shipping. As some items may become out of stock quickly, we recommend acting fast on your purchase.

How does shipping or delivery work?

Within the continental US, shipping of our basketball hoops is completely free to the customer!

Once your order is placed, a City Hoops team member will be designated to see your order through from start to finish. This allows us to ensure the highest customer satisfaction!

Since we are a direct-to-customer business, your hoop will ship directly from our warehouse. It will be packaged on a shipping pallet and arranged for pickup and delivery by one of our preferred freight couriers for your area by your designated City Hoops team member.

The team member will update you with all tracking, delivery dates, and any other special conditions for delivery for the customer before it’s sent out. We hold the highest standard when it comes to customer service. All orders are processed within 24 hours!

All in-ground basketball hoops are shipped on a single pallet with multiple boxes. This pallet is shipping wrapped to ensure all parts of your shipment stay combined. For hoops such as a traveler (portable) which may have multiple pallets, everything will be communicated with you by your designated team member when your order is prepared for shipment.

Is shipping insured?

Of course! Delivery of your City Hoops basketball hoop is fully insured from when your order is placed to when your order is accepted for delivery. City Hoops requires signature through the shipping courier on arrival. All you’ll have to do is verify the pallet contains the number of boxes instructed by your designated City Hoops team member.

What if boxes or packaging arrives damaged?

Don’t be worried! City Hoops basketball Hoops are BUILT TO OUTLAST! Packaging was ultimately made to protect the contents from being damaged. Damaged packaging doesn’t mean your brand new hoop is. Freight companies often inspect the contents for transport.

If boxes do arrive damaged, fully inspect the shipment and document this with the courier before signing if any piece(s) have been damaged. Take photos of any damaged cartons / pieces, & the courier notes, and contact us immediately. If your order requires replacement parts, we will need these photos of the damaged pieces within 24 hours of the signed delivery date.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We want you to be as comfortable with your purchase as possible. No manual or phone transactions on our end. They are processed directly through our website which runs off of the Shopify platform - the leader in e-commerce payments and processing. The one platform processing allows payment, shipping, and tracking to be all done from one system, with no customer risk of credit card information being compromised.

City Hoops also now accepts crypto-currency. This can be used the same way you checkout regularly. Just choose Coinbase Commerce. The currencies currently accepted through Coinbase Commerce are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, & USD Coin.

What should I do if my card payment won’t process?

Verify all information such as billing name and address are completely correct and match the cardholder information. Also double check that the card details are accurate. If everything is correct, you may have to contact your credit card provider (number is on the back of your card) to let them know you’ll be making a purchase for the amount shown on the checkout. This may happen if your credit card purchase history rarely makes purchases of these amounts.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your checkout. In some cases Shopify may show us why a process was declined and City Hoops can help provide you this reason or code that you can provide to your credit card company when contacting them.