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Silver Basketball Hoop - City Hoops

Silver Basketball Hoop

$2,200.00 USD
Gold Basketball Hoop - City Hoops

Gold Basketball Hoop

From $2,450.00 USD
Platinum Basketball Hoop - City Hoops

Platinum Basketball Hoop

From $2,950.00 USD
Diamond Basketball Hoop - City Hoops

Diamond Basketball Hoop

$3,750.00 USD
Traveler portable basketball net system

Traveler Basketball Hoop

From $4,200.00 USD

Which size is best for me?

54" Backboard

The perfect choice to save space and provide casual games for friends and family. Fitting comfortably in small driveways or backyard courts, it features the same professional-grade quality as our 72" backboards, still offering outstanding performance in a compact size.


60" Backboard

For versatile performance, our 60" backboard strikes a balance between size and maneuverability, making it suitable for both recreational and semi-professional play to advance their skills on rebounds and drives to the net with the increased surface area during gameplay.


72" Backboard

For serious players and competitive play. 72" is the regulation size for a professional experience making it the ultimate choice for basketball enthusiasts or players making their way to the league.

Platinum, Diamond, Traveler